Student of the month

Student of the month September 2019

TK A Orchid Class

  1. Hisyam M Zaidan
    (student who has focus during reciting surah and dua at morning circle)

TK B Tulip Class

  1. Rafardhan Athalla
    (student who actively answer in class discussions)
  2. Raynard Malik Aladham
    (student who has more focused in reciting iqra)

Student of the month August 2019

Pra TK Sunflower Class

  1. Farah Lutfiah Salmah
    (Student Who has Started Following the Class Routine)

TK A Orchid Class

  1. Mia Nur Aulia
    (student who has independent in doing assignment)
  2. Rakhsandrina Kaysa Putri
    (the helpful student)

TK B Tulip Class

  1. Arjuna Mahameru
    (student who always motivated to be a prayer leader)
  2. M. Rafa Pranaja
    (student who always consistently obey the class rules)

WA Kami