Student of the month

Student of the month February 2019


  1. Amru Prama Shahreihan
    (student who is good in math logic skill)
  2. Raynard Malik Aladham
    (student who has improved in his socialization )


  1. Alena Azalia Halim
    (student who has improved her enthusiasm in school activities)
  2. Muhammad Akhtar Mahersyah Arifin
    (student who is good in memorizing and logic skill)

Grade 1 Boca Junior

  1. Almaghvira Izzatunnisa Awlida
    (The most enthusiastie student in learning art and craft)
  2. Marcelo Jovan Avril Wijaya
    (The student who cares heiping their friends)
  3. Muhammad Dewantara Soegihartojo
    (The studennt who has good attitude to others)

Grade 2.1 Bayern Munchen Class

  1. Imaji Cikal Pujianto
    (Student who shows improvmennt in his academic skill)
  2. Muhamad Zakki Amri
    (Student who shows patience in heiping his special need friends)

Grade 2.2 Paris Saint-Germain Class

  1. Kalea Alifia Athaya
    (The student who has good understanding in many subjects)
  2. Ratu Syaefa Azzahra
    (The studennt who has nice attitude to all her friends)

Grade 3.1 Real madrid class

  1. Ardino Eka Prastowo
    (The best Student in self development)

Grade 3.2 Manchester United Class

  1. Nazla Raudatul 'Aisy
    (The most enthusiatic student in following every learning activities)

Grade 4.1 Juventus Class

  1. Emaan Sajid
    (Student who keeps being exited in learning )
  2. Sakha Abyano Fawaz
    (Student with exceptional leadership ability)

Grade 4.2 Ajax Amsterdam Class

  1. El zamima Yordany Hatha
    (Student who always shows excellent behaviour and attitude)
  2. Nahda Hanaya Latifa
    (The best qurqn reciter in class)

Grade 5.1 Chelsea class

  1. Fiona Carolina
    (The best student who follows the class rules)
  2. Muhammad Naafi Ardhana Putra
    (The best student in english conversation)

Grade 5.2 Barcelona class

  1. Luneta Pinggala Aziz
    (The enthusrastic student in learning english)
  2. Naura Tirtania Mahri Putri
    (The student who has good responsibility)

Grade 6.1 AS Roma

  1. Amanta Khansha Sanantagrha
    (The student who controls his emotion well)
  2. Kayla Devia Adrivi
    (The most creative student in making something)

Grade 6.2 FC. Porto Class

  1. Alisha Kirana Wijanarko
    (The most enthusiastic student in learning math)
  2. Marvell Shakir Kheldson
    (Student who always does his work independently)

Student of the month January 2019


  1. Shaluna Izzaty Myesha
    (student who is responsible for tidying up the class after eating)


  1. Alana Sophie Apdhani
    (student who always come early to school)
  2. Arjuna Mahameru
    (student who is good in kognitif skill)


  1. Dafinah Shafiqa Aqilah
    (student who has improved her focus during reciting surah and dua)
  2. Embun Fathinatu Yaumi
    (student who has increased her focus during class activities)