Student of the month

Student of the month January 2019


  1. Shaluna Izzaty Myesha
    (student who is responsible for tidying up the class after eating)


  1. Alana Sophie Apdhani
    (student who always come early to school)
  2. Arjuna Mahameru
    (student who is good in kognitif skill)


  1. Dafinah Shafiqa Aqilah
    (student who has improved her focus during reciting surah and dua)
  2. Embun Fathinatu Yaumi
    (student who has increased her focus during class activities)

Student of the month December 2018

Grade 1 Boca Junior

  1. Alfarizki Saleh Djunaedi
    (The student who has high confident in learning)
  2. Nayra Hizmi Saputri
    (The student who has effort in learning activies)
  3. Pandu Putra Gunawan
    (The most obedient student to the class rules)

Grade 2.1 Bayern Munchen Class

  1. Aleshya Deynira Leonardo
    (The most Independent in completing the assignment from the teachers)
  2. Raeesah Ramatuelle Nouran
    (Student who shows outstanding skill in coloring)

Grade 2.2 Paris Saint-Germain Class

  1. Nadira Dinarana Chairul
    (The student who is humble to all friends)
  2. Nadyza Callisha Asyrani
    (The student who has good progress in reading)
  3. Zidna Ilma Khairani Awlida
    (Student who has good enthusram in learning)

Grade 3.1 Real madrid class

  1. Bintang Kamil Yudistira
    (The student who has good socialization and care to this friends)

Grade 3.2 Manchester United Class

  1. Bagas Adynata Nugrahanto
    (The student who show great improvement in learning activities independently)

Grade 4.1 Juventus Class

  1. Raihana Amira Fawnia
    (The most energeticand tireless enthusiasm student in physical activity)
  2. Reza Mubarak Elfaraby
    (Student who activities out-standingprogress in math)

Grade 4.2 Ajax Amsterdam Class

  1. Abdurahman Ilyas
    (Student with excellent memorizing ju'amma)
  2. Anindya Kiyasah Kidhi
    (The most critical student in learning)

Grade 5.1 Chelsea class

  1. Bevan Anargya Zahran
    (The most critical student in learning math)
  2. Naurania Azalia Chairul
    (Student who shows out-standing skill in drawing)

Grade 5.2 Barcelona class

  1. Khaisha Hauzan Kamal
    (The creative student in drawing)
  2. Muhammad Rhanu Pradipta
    (The most critical student in learning)

Grade 6.1 AS Roma

  1. Jasmine Abigail Muslim
    (The most diligent student to come to come to school early)
  2. Nayyara Azarine Farrashila
    (The responsible student to complate the task)

Grade 6.2 FC. Porto Class

  1. Muhammad Pasha Rabsyantama Arifin
    (The most energic student in physical activities)
  2. Ravi Hilmifuad Purnama
    (The student who has improved his confidence in learning activities)

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