Student of the month

Student of the month November 2018


  1. Muhammad Ayatullah Akbar
    (the most enthuciastic student in sport activity)


  1. Fajra Nada Nadifa
    (The student who is consistent in wearing hijab)
  2. Yusuf Azka Amrizal
    (student who is friendly and good in making friend)


  1. Aurora Narela Zelene
    (student who is friendly to others)
  2. Kirana Samara Niesman
    (student who is good in linguistic skill)

Student of the month October 2018


  1. Shaluna Izzaty Myesha
    (Student Who Is Good In Understanding New Concepts)


  1. El Zaramisya Yordany Hatha
    (Student Who Is Good Reciting Iqra)
  2. Rafardhan Athalla
    (Student Who Is Good In Memorizing and Answer Question)


  1. Shereen Ziva Wiwaha
    (Student Who Has Good Progress In Dicipline With Class Rules)
  2. William Nouval Akbarrukha Cahyadi
    (Student Who Likes To Make Friends)

Grade 1 Boca Junior

  1. Bintang Nabil Gadung Mlati
    (Student Who Shows Improvement in Social Skill)
  2. Muhammad Husein Alaydrus
    (The Most Enthusiastic Student in Learning Math)
  3. Rahanska Wirajati
    (Student Who Has Good Progress in Learning)

Grade 2.1 Bayern Munchen Class

  1. Ananda Kamil Yudistira
    (Student Who Keeps Being Consistent in Doing Sholat 5 Time a Day)
  2. Luella Karamina Nur
    (Student Who Keeps Being Responsible in Doing Task from Her Teacher)

Grade 2.2 Paris Saint-Germain Class

  1. Adhyatma Ahza Dario
    (Student Who Can Do a Good Presentation in Class)
  2. Edita Kayyana Syahrul
    (Student Who Has Good Outstanding in Many Subjects)

Grade 3.1 Real madrid class

  1. Abdul Khaliq Muhammad Arrasyid
    (The Most Antusiasm Student on Reading)
  2. Widi Almira Filzah
    (Student Who Most Dicipline on Dzuhur Prayer)

Grade 3.2 Manchester United Class

  1. Alvin Faeyza Ramadhan
    (The Most Outstanding Student in Demonstrating Good Characters among his Friends)
  2. Ibnu Rafi Muhammad Kevin
    (The Student Who Has Improved his Confidence in Learning Activities)

Grade 4.1 Juventus Class

  1. Azka Khaliva Rizkika Ahmad
    (Student who achieves out-standing progress in aspects)
  2. Dhanendra Arkananta Sthirabudhi
    (Student Who Always Shows Respect to His Peers as Well as to Adults)

Grade 4.2 Ajax Amsterdam Class

  1. Mikaila Aninda Erwin
    (Student Who Keeps Being Helpful and Respectful Among Her Friends)
  2. Noura Putri Aulia
    (The Most Enthusiastic Student on Job Fair Performance)

Grade 5.1 Chelsea class

  1. Calista Aninda Erwin
    (The Student Who Loves Helping Her Special Needs Friend)
  2. Kayra Janeeta Prastowo
    (The Most Creative and Passionate Student During Job Fair)

Grade 5.2 Barcelona class

  1. Elzyan Yazid Muzadi
    (The Enthusiastic Student in Learning Math)
  2. Fathati Salmah Lestari
    (The Enthusiastic Student in Job Fair Performance)

Grade 6.1 AS Roma

  1. Khalisa Azzahra Yazuarki
    (The Most Enthusiastic Student in Drawing)
  2. Muhammad Yudhistira Magis Widiawanto
    (The Most Energic Student in Physical Activities)
  3. Sekarlana Alysha Putri
    (The Most Communicative Student During Learning Activities)

Grade 6.2 FC. Porto Class

  1. Masayu Cherryl Syarifah Azzahra Akbar
    (Student Who is Good in Art Activity)
  2. Shafa Maylisa Zein
    (The Student Who Confidence Durign Class Activities)
  3. Zahra Putri Gunawan
    (Student Who Always Care to Their Friends)

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