Student of the month

Student of the month January 2017

Pra TK Kangaroo Class

  1. Haura Fathina Sakhi
    (Student who is concern in class rules)

TK A Panda Class

  1. Afiqah Keisyahana Khairina
    (Student who is improved her confidence in doing task independently)
  2. Rayyan Aqila Purbaya
    (Student who has improved his enthusiasm in following class activities)

TK B Peacock Class

  1. Fathima Aliyarahma
    (student who has improved in her socialization)
  2. Tangguh Albarra Bazla Yusuf
    (Student who is polite and obedient to elders)

Grade 1.1 Pangeran Diponegoro Class

  1. Ibnu Rafi Muhammad Kevin
    (Student who has great creativity in drawing and Art & Craft)
  2. Muhammad Irsyad Putra Faisal
    (Student who has good progress in learning mathematics)

Grade 1.2 Kaptain Pattimura Class

  1. Bintang Kamil Yudistira
    (Student who has good progress in speaking in class)
  2. Nollie Fatima Arlandi
    (Student with great english speaking skill)

Grade 2.1 Cut Nyak Dien Class

  1. Nadja Andralea Maliki
    (Student who has good? emphaty)

Grade 2.2 Rasuna Said Class

  1. Nishka Janeeta Andini
    (Student who has good care to others)
  2. Raihana Amira Fawnia
    (Student who has bravery in presentation)

Grade 3.1 Pangeran Antasari Class

  1. Bevan Anargya Zahran
    (Student who has good leadership in the classroom)
  2. Fathati Salmah Lestari
    (Student with the best effort in completing tasks from the teachers.)

Grade 3.2 Sultan Hasanudin Class

  1. Naurania Azalia Chairul
    (Student that shows a great improvement in her involvement in class activities)
  2. Raisya Nirmalasari
    (Student with the most tidy and neat headwriting)

Grade 4.1 Dewi Sartika Class

  1. Maura Asha Kaelani
    (The most active student to communicate by using english)

Grade 4.2 RA Kartini Class

  1. Shafa Maylisa Zein
    (Student who consistently obeys classrules)
  2. Sutan Achmad Raiskhan
    (Student with high progress to interact among his friends)

Grade 5 Soekarno Class

  1. Andra Pratama Nugroho
    (The fastest student in finishing his lunch)
  2. Fathian Nashvi Aqila
    (The enthusiastic student in learning and finishing his task)

Grade 6 Jendral Sudirman Class

  1. Aurelia Nurviginia Audianti
    (Student with great progress in motivation in school attendance )
  2. Muhammad Andrew Zhorif Lubis
    (The student who has fun personality and the nicest student in socialization and playing with her friends.)
  3. Vassell Enha Atthayya
    (The most critical student in studying)

Student of the month November 2016

Pra TK Kangaroo Class

  1. Muammar Zidni
    (Student who has improved in joining class activity)

TK A Panda Class

  1. Beryl Arkananta Zaidan
    (student who has improved his attention in class activities)
  2. Nandita Vania Aisha
    (student who always do her work independently)

TK B Peacock Class

  1. Faza Devlin Gunawan
    (student who has improved in controlling emotion)
  2. Ratu Syaefa Azzahra
    (student who is concern in class rules)

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